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I'm a newb at this European satellite stuff, but fairly versed in US technology, so I think I have a bit of a grasp on the concepts just not the details...

I need help picking a receiver, and don't know what I should buy that gives me the most bang for about 150 Euro.
I want to get most of the FTA (Astra and Hotbird) as well as NL channels (I think Irdeto-2) for my girlfriend, at least the basic package has to be reliable for her and we don't have a problem paying 30 Euro for the year...

Option 1:
If I get the one without an HD, can I put one in myself? Also, can I embed my own CAM, etc...? I have a soldering station (I can even do some SMT) and no fear :D ok, almost no fear...

Option 2:
PCI Skystar 2 card
I have a dedicated HTPC I could put it in but it is only a 1Ghz VIA, can I run CAMS/Cards with this or emulate them if needed? If someone could point me to at least half ass instructions I can usually figure it all out...

Is there another cheaper/same cost receiver/system I should look at? I could buy a dreambox, but I won't have any money to buy CAMS or cards, can I patch it to still be able to watch the NL channels?

Thanks for any help...


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Going cheap and easy

To make your life easy here's a file with all the possible packages you can open with a Systar2 or similar PCI card in case you get one. Open it and check it out, its up to date.
This file is used with an emulator such as s2emu (my favy). Getting a Skystar 2 is easiest and cheapest way to get things going, since you already have a pc.

Not so cheap and still easy

After patching a Kaon such as the one you mentioned, you can use it to watch lots of tv packages, see link above it's almost the same thing for a Kaon. Beware that patching this box could remove some features, you would have to be sure on what firmware to use. To be sure you get what you want, you would have to put a cam in it and have a subscription no nags with those NL channels, your girlfriend would be happy with that. No need to hunt for codes and stuff.

Expensive and complicated

A Dreambox is great, but takes some time to get it up and running the way we want it. There are lot's softcams you can use in it, lot's of packages to be open, some have the ability to work as a PVR and you could always put in a cam and watch almost anything out there. If you just want some FTA channels and those NL channels choose something else, any receiver with the right cam would do the job.
If you go for a Kaon you have to check this place _

Hope this helps.