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Need help on downgrading Samsung loader

My Location

I’ve recently upgraded my Samsung 9500 CIA VI from satellite and now system information shows these changes:

Loader version 505

Main software version 133

Hardware version 504

Recently I’ve founded that that version of loader won’t let me to change my firmware with computer, and first I should downgrade the loader to 501 and then trying to change the firmware, I tried using jtag but it didn’t work, when I run the “jkeys”(in win XP) and press on “flash tool” it says Error Writing trap handler routine.

I think that was because of my poor information on making jtag or mabe wrong jkes. Now I need to know is that really possible to downgrade the loader?

what is the best way to do that?

Which files and programs I need in doing that?

And the details on doing that step by step.

email: mkarbakhsh*yahoo.com

Hope to have answers in this case