Need Help - Sky / Philips INS660

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Hi Guys

I´m yung on this forum, i´ve looking for firmware upgrades and softwares for Philips INS660 - Sky Satellite (Brazil) and i dont get anything!!
This is an Old decoder ... :-doh2
Some information for unlock the decoder or something like?
(Free-channels,PPW,and more)

Thanks in advance


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Welcome to the forum unixtux

I am afraid you will be disappointed as this forum does allow the posting of keys bins or hexes for anything. Sky Brasil as far as I know is not compromised so why bother looking.

Also why would you think there is support available for such an obscure (to this side of the world) stb?
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Hi 4all

I have the philis ins660/78C and i was searching for some JTAG on 10pin conector solder on the board...

but i have trid all types of jtag cables configurations and programs such WALL and Jkeys, both doesn´t seems to work.

I saw that the board of this deco is similar to strong srt8000, that have parallel conector unsoldered in backside of the deco, i think that if a place a parallel port in this board i could initialize the jtag with the srt8000 software, but i will need the chip that control parallel functions in this deco, and i don´t have this.

the conclusion that i get from this is that is possible to use a schema similar to strong srt8000 deco, that is a parallel cable 25-25pins and a serial cable to send data to deco...

if someone have a different idea please send me sugestions