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I have dreambox7000s system and upgraded the flash to 1.08. Since then I can not get things work properly.
I downloaded softcam keys from internet. I am more interested by the french channels.
With 1.07 I used to use the key wizard to copy key files to xcamd.
Now since I upgraded I can not access the key wizard anymore and the xcam deamon does not seem to be there any more.
I telnet to the box to check if the 'emu' deamon or xcam deamon are running but they do not exist any more.
I am trying to download them from internet but I am quite worried about the versions I am getting and I am not sure about how to set this up.
I would appreciate if some one could help me set the deamon that reads the softcam.key file to be able to get my channels back.
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My advice would be to load the latest Hydra image and do a flash erase on startup (hold the up key until flash erase appears). This will load and image that contains the items you need to update the box on top of 1.08.

With the box connected to the Internet set up a satellite (it won't let you add EMUs etc without this).

Play around with the colour keys they will let you install EMUs and the items you need to access what you are looking for.

If you want a more specific answer all information is included in the help files at the start of the Receivers - DreamBox section.