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need help with my FTA?

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We have a Coolsat 4000 pro FTA receiver and bought a satellite dish from Dish Network.
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Manhattan, KS
I just bought a Coolsat 4000 pro FTA receiver and bought a dish from someone at Dish Network. I hooked everything up and got a good signal and 152 free channels. But all of the sudden when I came home everything was working with the receiver, i was getting a very good signal, but no picture. It kept saying "scramble channel". What is it? Since it has been windy here for a few days, I am thinking that the satellite could of shifted, maybe? Please help with some suggestions, I am stuck!:-bash


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If the dish has moved you will not get a picture. You could eliminate a few things if you have a friend with the same set up.

Try your receiver on the friends dish and see if it works = receiver OK
Try your friends receiver on your dish and see if it works = dish aligned OK

I'm sure if you try the above it will point you in the right direction.

Your dish may just need re aligned slightly.

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Which satellite ?

Have you unplugged the receiver from the supply ?