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Need Help with VisionPlus 1020a!!


I purchased a VisionPLus 1020a pci card and installed it. It is connected directly to a dish500 pro, twin lnb's, no switches installed. It's pointed towards dishnetworks echostar 110 and 119. I use mytheatre 3.21(unregistered) and progdvb to scan the satellites for channels.I am using the freq 11250-0-11250.Picks up most of the channels. I have tried yankse and s2emu as plugins(not at the same time) to watch the scrambled channels. It's not working. The softcam key is right but nothing shows(softcam is in the right directory). It's the right keys, I also have a reg dishnetwork reciever, I know the keys are right. I looked at tutorials and help files. Nothing helps. I only get to see the channels which are green icons(the free channels), the scrambled channels(the red icons) don't even show when i select them. When i select the monitor for the plugins, seems to be working fine, but nothing shows. The right graph is being used, cause i can see the free channel.Can someone please help me?

I've been trying for 3 weeks now to get it to work.
Thank You.
My PC: Pentium 4 HT 3.06Ghz 1mb cache,1Gb Ram, 256mb video card, 160gb hd, visionplus twinhan 1020a


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Sorry, don't think that we're going to be able to help too much tardy123, as the vast majority of users here cannot see that satellite, so have no information on the decryption.
dboone said:
Send me the softcam you have, I can make sure everything looks right.


Hey this is the softcam im using, the dishnetwork key 01 was outdated so i updated it myself, im not sure if there was anything else i had to change.

Thanks for the help.

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