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Hi All

I have just upgraded to sky plus and i had no problem receiving BBC or ITV when i was my old single LNB but today i changed the LNB to a Sharp Quad LNB in order to be able to use the 'plus' features and even though the signal strengh and quality are as they were before i cant receive ITV at all 'no signal being received' message and BBC just freezes and breaks up.

Has anyone had a similair experiance before? Do i need to make some fine adjustments to the LNB? I did read somewhere about 'skew' is that appropiate hear?

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Could be general alignment, the quad is also heavier than the conventional single, so may cause the boom arm to dip on some dishes.

The Skew is very important, as is the focal length, try sliding the LNB in and out of the holder to find the best strength signal, then try playing with the skew. From Northern Germany say, it should be anything from 13 to 17 degrees, as you look at the dish from behind the LNB, twist in a clockwise direction, try it in small stages and then check each time.