Need serious Help with ARISAT AR 500 !

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Hi guys,

i recently got a ARISAT AR 500 digital satellite reciever. Now my problem is that i dont know how to set it up, i dont know what frequencies channels work on. The box seems to have all middle eastern satellite names and the auto scan only looks for channels for the preset satellite names i.e. the arabic ones.

now little info: before getting this box, i was using a telewest set top box, which seemed to go bust last night. since i had this ARISAT BOX (which was given to me for free) thought its time to make it work. I also have a dish (fixed) right outside my window, its pretty big...biggest on my street...hehehhee...

please help me, guide me, direct me....or point me to a website which will help me set up this box so that i can recieve something other than a blue screen saying 'NO or Bad signal'

lastly do i need to update the ARISAT AR 500 BOX, if so then could please tell me how....

Please guys i beg me...i dont wannna die of boredom nor do i want to pay for gettin this fixed, since i'm a student i'm always broke....Help! Please!
hi jess,

pl tell what satellite u want to scan in the box. If not listed in the auto search pl try to do it in manual scan.

The box is very good & it works fine for me. I have also attached patch sw for it earlier. Its the best box which has high gain & has almost 128 preprogrammed satellites. It must have ur satellite as well. If not inform me.



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You have connected the Arisat to the cable coming from the dish yes? If so continue.

Chances rae the dish is pointing at either 28E, 13E or 19E. If the dish has been there a few years its almost certain to be pointing at 19E.

Try manually adding in some of the dark blue transponders on this list:

and scan them see if anything comes up.

You may well find you cant get anything above 11700khz. If so the lnb (the small box on the end of the dish arm needs changing