Need some help, I'm in trouble!



Hey guys…
I have a trouble with my "HumanAce CI-2002" receiver, actually they're two problems, First: last time I had a message on the receiver LED screen it's (Ln`bp) I don't know if it's a real message or damage, anyway when that happened the receiver was hanging and wasn't responding for any thing, I tried to download patches but I couldn't, after I tried to take off the LED screen cable, it had started to download, but after finishing download the message came back again with no response and the same figure, I have tried all the patches available, but non work, only the original file works good, and for knowledge I tried the old patch before and it worked good, but after that problem no patches work, I need someone explain the raison for that and if there's any solutions.
Second and finally: when I tried to download the Boot Down bin. File it reach's this point "13823/14848 packet" and hang there, I need to know why, and how can I fix this.
By the way I need a ROM-Writer program and a site where I can get a suitable flash file to program my flash, and can I use the patches or boot files to program it or it's something different?!
((HumanAce CI-2002))
I'm thankful for any help
Hawk Man