Need some help, new to Satellite Systems.

My Satellite Setup
I am completely new to the world of Satellite's other then having sky disc for few years. I want to buy a satellite system so I can receive some channels from abroad to watch UK football. I have seen on some websites like this one “” that it shows all the channels in the world that show a certain game at a certain time, I want to know how I can receive some of the channels..

  • What is the best Module to buy if you want to be able to watch Football from around the world?
  • Are there many free to air channels (not including the UK ones) that can be picked up that show football, or do you always have to pay to able to watch these channels?
  • If I want for example watch this channel "UBC ESPN - 78ºe Irdeto 2 (e)" to watch a football game, what would I have to do. Does it come a part of a package when I buy a module or will I just have to turn my satellite 78ºe?
  • Is there any way to bypass the encryption with some forms of hackz?
  • What is "Master Codes" I have seen this talked about in this forum.
  • What is the best Satellite System available today, or best package you would recommend for a novice like me.