need the specs for an Alfagold AD9500

I just got a hand-me-down Alfagold Ad-9500 and dont mind turning it in to paper weight/ item for target practice. I have been googling around for a while for its firmware, but no results. However I did find a lot of free mature content sites:rolleyes:
1) Could someone point me in the right direction?
2) Is the hardware similar [same as] to some other box? Can I try some other firmware on it?
3) Is there some software for uploading a channel to the receiver?
4) Would you guys be intrested in pic's of this box posted here after I use it for target practice if 1,2 & 3 dont work out?

[EDIT] need info about a Technosat 6000 Plus as well
\dusts off the soldering rod and oscilloscope