Nero 7 - TS to MPEG conversion



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You can download a demo version of the latest NERO 7 software from the manufacturer's site. It will work until the end of January 2006 after which they hope you will pay to continue to use it.

The demo package seems to work just fine when it comes to watching files from the Dreambox in transport stream format. But it is a sledgehammer to crack a nut as the whole package occupies 200MB on your hard disk.

The Nero Vision 4 module is supposed to convert transport stream to MPEG2 so that you save the file a DVD. I am still trying to get the format conversion to work properly; the sound isn't synchronised to the image in the MPEG output file. I'll keep trying, because it would be nice to clear a lot of files off my PC and also free up some space on the Dreambox 160GB drive.