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MM9500 - DSX5816-A28 -DB7020
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From tradution of Mimi74:

- Kernel and Moduli 2.6.9 - Release 1.09_1d
- Enigma 1,09 - CVS modernized to the 02/12/2005, modified from SDT
- squashfs 2.2-r2 with jam LZMA
- busybox 1.1.0-pre1 compiled directly from busybox the SVN
- WebIf 5-7-0 Expert
- Tuxtxt v. 1.93

This image, if put in flash, carries out the upgrade of the FrontProcessor to the v. 1.06

NEWS DaVinci 5.2:

- FIRST TRUE HYBRID IMAGE 7020 - 7000!!!
This image, also being for dreambox 7000, if installed in multiboot on 7020 concurs to use of the typical peculiarities hardware, like UHF and the 7020 modulator Network fix
Naturally, being a native image for 7000, it could be installed SINGLE in multiboot on the 7020 (not flash).
Moreover, fixato the problem of “unknown filesystem” for the hard disk, always if installed on the 7020.

To our powerful one emu manager we have added the only lacking option, and that is the possibility to define a Default Emu, to use itself for all the channels (crittati) does not bind together you to one emu through binding of the SDT Boss Panel (the coupling with Provider or Channel).
Moreover, also the “Common Interface” is abbinabile hour like emu, is of Default that for Canal or Provider.

It mounts and extension to boot presence of one CF on the 7000, like newest CVS.

- First version demo of the powerful one
SDT movie trimmer (not still ended), that it will serve in order to cut the recordings from enigma directly.
In order to approach: in modality ROWS, you press 2 times the key pause (yellow).
Even if still it is not ended, in the window is available a comfortable function “Rewind from end” (red key), that it allows RIAVVOLGERE the recording leaving from the end!!
Much profit in order to try a point to see without to pass it all from the beginning, and is one absolute innovation for Enigma.

- Updates, fixes and brought up-to-date FlashWizard Remote.
- inserted new Custom scripts, two dedicate to you to infos and rights of the smartcards with NewCS
- Management of the hard disk in REISERFS reinserita of default in the image (servants more not to unload the addon)
- CIFS reinserito of default in the image (servants more not to unload the addon)
- magnified the fonts of the Channellist and window EPG of the skin visivabox of default
- synchronized window OSD timeout of the Boss panel with the cursore of formulation that hour has also enigma in advance formulations (can settare in both).

Other features DaVinci:

- Zapping Lite Skin
Two skins can at the same time be had distinguished.
During zapping with the arrows of the remote control (the adjacent channels), it comes visualized a second skin, generally with minimal information (argument skin), but to chosen also complete like first and the organized one various to video, with full creative possibility for the sviluppatori of skins.
In order to return to the full skin enough to press OK, while if it is made zapping with the skin complete already visible, it comes maintained until expiring of its timeout (or OK is still not pressed).
The Zapping Lite Skin is disabilitabile from the SDT boss panel in OSD setup.

- SDT Advanced Infos
Very powerful unique window, full of advanced infos, customized for each emu.
You can also define and run up to 9 scripts, with output on screen, stored into /var/SDT/scripts/, where X is a number from 1 to 9

- Movie recording directory
Choose where to store your recordings, you can choose between three default positions and two user definable positions.
A test of the choosen device will be performed, displaying the amount of free space (G:cool: and free time (estimated, HH:MM) available for recording.
A comfortable shortcut to Enigma "Mounts" window makes easy to mount/umount the connected devices with just a few remote control clicks, then to select them as recording devices.

- Enhanced Smart_init:
More than settings, you can install DaVinci addons also with new smart_init procedure!
Check below on this document for instructions.

- SDT custom scripts:
Up to 9 scripts can be defined, and launched from Advanced Infos window.
The output will be displayed on TV screen..

- Shortcuts
BLUE button:
1 click: SDT boss panel
2 single clicks: "Utilities" Window
3 single clicks: "Enigma Extra Setup" Window

YELLOW button:
double-click: "SDT Advanced Infos" Window

GREEN button:
double-click: "Timer List" Window!

- Plugins Window
Now is taller, showing 13 plugins without scrolling, instead of 8 (enigma standard).

- Save All Settings
Save image settings for smart_init procedure.
It is on SDT boss panel -> Enigma Extra Setup -> Save all settings.
Very useful for upgrading to a new DaVinci image, or reinstalling.
You'll find all current settings made for the current image automatically reloaded on the new one

SDT unique features:

- SDT Advanced Infos, Very powerful and unique emu's advanced info center.
- Zapping Lite Skin, two skins at the same time, of which one simplified for the zapping
- Parentale Block to time - you define the every day timetable of activation of
- EPG Wizard - download only the channels of your choice total automatically
- Flash erase via Remote control
- Flash erase via Remote Control
- FlashWizard Remote: FW program inside the box!
- Smart_Init: install flash or multiboot image with auto-setup!
- Usb stick also available from /usb (just like /hdd)
- The most complete OSD available at the moment.
- SDT shell boot window

Other Features:

- SDT Boss Panel (blue key), upgradable from internet
- Movie recording directory, choose recording device.
- Display SNR - AGC- BER on OSD
- Display Provider's name on OSD
- Display Multi-audio and Teletext on OSD
- Display stream infos on OSD
- Display channel encryption(s) on OSD
- Display current Emu on OSD
- Internet download of addons
- Manual install of addons from /tmp
- Addons manager, installer and uninstaller
- Place addons on USB or HDD
- Check /var place, and available free space
- SWAP file advanced setup from Boss Panel
- OSD timeout configurable from SDT menu
- HDD configuration (sleep and acoustic) from menu
- Skin Visivabox Extreme 2 - 4:3 and 16:9 versions
- Emuboss is now totally software configurable
- SAMBA is included
- Reiserfs is optional and dowlodable from Addons-Download
- CIFS is optional and dowlodable from Addons-Download
- Complete busybox (nc, netstat, renice, cut, and more...)
- Up to 9 scripts user-definable, output on TV screen.
- Auto-recognition of install place, flash or multiboot
- Automount disc/part1 usb stick
- Autoclean core files on hdd
- Added "restart enigma" (hot restart) on shutdown menu
- Tetris game included
- Recover Movies (in menu Enigma Extra Setup)
- SDT latest news download and display

- This firmware contains no emus and no *** interdis *** -




- FlashWizard Remote
A FlashWizard program inside the box, with full "SmartSettings copy" available. :-)
You can install/remove images without windows program:
FTP one (or more) images into /usb or /hdd, then choose the install device, and
SmartSettings enable/disable.... done! :-)
Useful option for all linux/macintosh friends, who like to use FlashWizard
outside Windows o.s.

- Smart_Init
You can install this image (even if on flash), and have it
full configured with your custom settings even at first boot.
How to do this:

1) Create a directory /usb/SDT/smart_init ( or /hdd/SDT/smart_init )
2) Then create 2 directories inside smart_init: "settings" and "addons"
3) Copy into "settings" directory your favourite settings (likra, pet, comax, etc.etc.)
(make sure to copy all the settings files, included satellites.xml)
Put just files there, do not put folders.
Use the menu "Save ALL settings" located in SDT Boss Panel -> Enigma Extra Setup
4) into the "addons" directory, you can put DaVinci's addons files (*.tar.gz): the image will install them automatically!
if you are installing the image on flash, DO NOT put too much addons into!!
Free space on Flash is very little!!
5) Done.

DaVinci image will boot up and auto-configure itself with all your
settings: favourites, channel lists, language, network, video, etc.etc.
plus addons (if any).
On flash-erase, or new install, the image will check if smart_init folder
exists, and re-initialize itself automatically with your favourite set-up.
Very useful option for all rotor/multi-lnb users.
No more long setup from scratch at every install.
All features on board of DaVinci Team.:-thumbup