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New +CAM/patch for Humax5400 released


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Planet Hemp have just released a new version of the patched firmware (+CAM ToH v2.0) for the Humax 5400.

See here
(News in German, and download available for registered users)

See also http://tuxonhumax.berlios.de/public/ for tools and an English readme describning new features.
Patch now includes PMC-editor built-in but if you add new channels via that, they are lost when you power-down the receiver. For "permanent" changes to the PMC table, the new associated PMC editor is required but that hasn't been released yet. Keep your eye on the above-mentioned tools site.

The new featuresa allow you to see much more of the "raw" data being streamed - brings the Hummer closer to Dr.Overflow on a Nokia.