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New Channels added to DD Direct plus


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Hi All,

Following New channels have been added to DD Direct plus:

Channel 561 PTC News (Punjabi)
Channel 841 Enter 10 (Hindi)
Channel 894 Time TV (Punjabi )
Channel 1330 Total TV (Hindi)
Channel 1340 Smile TV (Hindi)
Channel 1570 WIN TV (Tamil)

The channel numbering is according to Dish TV package .

Perhaps DD removed those channels who failed to renew with it and pay.
Initially DD had given 1 year free airing to these channels .

But few channels like Star Utsav,TV9,Aaj Tak,Headlines Today,Akaash Bangla have been removed .

I have also noticed that the total number of channels on Dish TV have been reduced as a result of these changes.