New Conax CAS5 cards



Scandinavian digital package Canal Digital, which broadcasts from Thor 2/3 and Intelsat 707 satellites on the 1W position and encrypts its channels in Conax, has changed a keys and issued a new CAS5 cards. After the changes was done, the pirate reception of the package`s channels become imposible. The keys for Conax was available free on Internet since 29th of December 2002.

Since February 2003, Canal Digital did not change any keys. It was probably waiting to do one important change and introduce a new code cards in the same time. The old code cards with chips made by Siemens have not been well protected and hackers were able to easy draw all necessary information from the cards.

Conax was hacked already three or four years ago, but its keys weren't available on the Internet. At the time,the market was very expensive pirate cards, but not many pepole could aford it. The cards was sold by company in Thailand for 300-400USD!!! The first emulator based on Linux has appeared in the end of 2002 year. Soon after that, the pirate cards were available. Other options to watch hacked Canal Digital channels encrypted in Conax: Cyfra+ Pioneer terminals, Sky Star 2 card, Magic and all other Universal Common Interface modules.

It was well known, that the changes in Canal Digital package had to be entered, and all this, who was watching television channels on the pirate cards have to get use to it. But we will never know, when new ideas of the hackers allows us to see a little bit more .....

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