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Sorry to all who have seen newbies posts before. I am new to digital satellites I would like some help with a couple of questions. If people can point to where I can find all my answers all the better.

I have recently purchased a comag sl55 from lidl and hooked it up to a dish the previous owners of the house had. I seem to get a good reception but wondered which frequency or channels would be the best to access - such as astra, hotbird etc etc.

Can someone please confirm that channel 4 and 5 are unavailable using my setup i.e not through sky or any subscription channels.

I do seems to have access to bbc3, sky news, news 24 but there is also a load of cr*p to look through, so help your help would be grateful.


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Your dish is pointed at Astra2 do a rescan of that sat. If you want other sats like Hotbird or Astra1 you will have to move your dish. See this site for a list of frequenceys I noticed with Comags that alot of frequenceys are missing for Astra2 so add in the extra transponders.

Hope I explained this clearly :D


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Hi s-gc. Welcome

C4&5 are indeed unavailable to you as although they are free, you need the Sky conditional access system to decode them. This is not available to your COMAG box, in fact its not available to any receiver apart from Sky digiboxes


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Hi S-GC, don't dispair with the Comag box. There's plenty you can receive with it.

As modern said, some of the frequencies are missing. You need to print out the transponder list from and add the missing ones.

Regarding the best place to point it, the lyngsat website has a list of what is on each satellite. If you want English programs then 28E is the best direction. But it can be a lot of fun just to pick a satellite, program the transponders, point the dish at it and see what channels you can receive.

The lidl kit really comes into it's own when you add a Diseqc motor to it. They can be picked up quite cheaply, and add a whole new dimension.