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...announce Strategic Alliance to bring High-Speed Internet and broadband multimedia services via satellite to Mass Consumers across Europe

Luxembourg, 25th April 2002

Plenexis GmbH, Europe´s largest provider of satellite business communication services and former subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, and Europe Online Investments S.A., owner and operator of one of the largest satellite broadband networks in the world, have today announced a strategic alliance to offer mass consumers High-Speed Internet and digital, broadband multimedia services via satellite, thus creating a new European market for converging digital media.

Based on a new, powerful transmission technology, the new service will provide access not only to a broad range of special broadband content, but also to unique high speed Internet surfing. In a growing era of convergent digital media, one focus of the new alliance will be the development of set-top boxes, which are poised to strengthen the position of the TV set as the dominant future multimedia device. At the same time, the new service will pay special regard to the requirements of the current majority of computer users.

"With this new high speed Internet service, Plenexis is a perfect strategic match to our existing broadband satellite platform" said Candace Johnson, president of Europe Online Investments S.A. "This ideal combination of Europe Online´s infrastructure, our new transmission technology, and the extensive experience of both partners is," according to Kai Lauterjung, managing director of Plenexis, "an enormous potential to create a new mass consumer market."

The High-Speed Internet surfing product (768 kbit/s) will be offered to mass consumer across Europe. Users will also have access to the traditional Europe Online basic service which includes the off-line email alert system, downloads at 2 Mbit/s, music, game, and video streaming and digital television on the PC.

A standard, digital Astra receiver equipment plus a DVB-compliant PCI card are required to receive this new service.

For more information, please contact:

Europe Online Investments S.A PlenexisSatellitenkommunikation GmbH.
Candace Johnson Kai Lauterjung
President and CEO Managing Director
Tel. +352 719 785 1 Tel. +49 228 519-0
Fax. + 352 719 787 Fax. +49 228 519 2222
Email. Email.