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New forum software available free to non-commercial users. :)

From AZ


On 18th August, 2003 I finally decided to start producing a forum that would fulfil my own expectations. There were a number of issues which made me embark on the project and the most important one was 'Security'. Next on the list were 'Speed' and 'server load'.

My experience as a server administrator along with forum administrator plus my knowledge of internet security issues were instrumental in the way AZbb is coded.

AZbb is the work of one person alone. It has taken me nearly one year of fulltime coding 7 days a week and around 3000 hours to produce AZbb.

AZbb is coded in PHP using OOP. AZbb is compatible with PHP >= 4.1.0 including the latest PHP5 (recommended). AZbb does not require a database backend although a database interface module could be added with later releases.

Since database access is limited and usually involve additional costs, AZbb should be easier and cheaper to set up and have broader appeal. Not using a database however does not hinder the performance or the speed of AZbb in any way.

AZbb is FREE for personal and non-profit use.

AZbb is a BBS script like vBulletin, phpBB etc.
As per AZbb Intro, it has two front pages of index.php and azbb.php
Check them both and you will find the link on the pages.

Today, I have finished the offline testing. AZbb is now online for online testing.
After a short while of testing, AZbb script will be available to download and enjoy.

AZbb :: AZ Bulletin Board

AZbb Introduction