New Freeview PC card from AverMedia Technologies



AverMedia Technologies, which claims to be Taiwan's leading manufacturer of TV tuners, PC-to-TV converters, and digital photo viewers, has launched a Freeview PC card into the UK through the Maplins retail chain.

Currently on offer at Maplins for £79.99 until the 17th of May (after which it reverts to the list price, currently £99.99), the card features PVR functions such as scheduling, live pause and record/playback, recording in MPEG-2 format onto the PC's hard drive. It also has an MP3 radio recording function and comes with an infra-red remote control. The card also features a screen capture function, and includes external S-video and RCA video inputs. However, it does not appear that the card currently offers MHEG (that is to say, interactive TV) support.


Have bought one of these cards, and while great that it shows the freeview channels and allows limited timeshifting it has the following limitations in the software so far.

1. No EPG, so I can`t tell it what to record and when in a usable way, if I wanted to enter the date and time I`ll stick to my video

2. no text services, which means no excellent bbci, have to stick to sky for that.

3. finally theres two strange bugs when recording - it switches back to windowed version instead of staying full screen which is irritating if you have in plugged up to the telly, and the recorded mpeg does not playback which is completely pointless

I have emailed their support numerous times but had no reply, so currently the disadvantages far outway the advantages (tivo esc) with this piece of technology.