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New Humax software


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New Humax software has been released ,with S2 etc...........


As there exists only a German Readme in the original download, I made an
English translation:


The following CAS-systems will be emulated as of now:

- SECA mit
- SECA2 für Ident 64
- NAGRA mit AU

For installation do the following steps:

The HDF-File HoTEmu****.HDF consists of:

- a basic firmware
- the ToH-modules
- the emulation

The hdf-file will be uploaded as usual with the download-tool WDN40AK+.

After the HDF file has been uploaded into the Humax, the Emukey-file has to
follow suit. Use the "DSR 9500 EMU Ed23.exe" tool for this purpose.
Attention the Humi must be running for this, not just standby.
For writing use the button "Write". Please check with "Read" if the upload
of the key-file hass been truly successful. There seems to be problems under

After uploading you should put the Humi again in the standby mode. Then
the keyfile will be copied from the RAM into the flash EEPROM.

Attention! after uploading of new channel-settings the emu-file has to
be uploaded again, except if you use "Human version" or later.
Human has been adapted especially to the HOT-firmware and doesn't
overwrite basic-parameters any more.

Attention! As of now there has to be always a card inserted in the internal
CAM, featuring at least a card initialisation. There may be also
an official Irdeto or Betacryp card used, which provides the for decryption
in the emulation mode.

The emulation-mode will be reached via the ToH-config menu. Under
"Preselect" the following settings are possible:

EMU-K (Emulator and Card):

In this mode ECM/EMM's are passed through to the EMU as well as
to the card. The card receives only ECM/EMM's which are specified
by the 2nd Irdeto-id of the card.

EMU-S (Emulator and Sharing-Server für PW):

In this mode an additional sharing server will be involved in the
communication. The connection is established via the serial (RS232)
interface of the Humax.

Steps to execute:

1. Connect the cardreader with the PC (e.g. via COM1) and connect
the Humax to the PC (e.g. via COM2).
2. Start the Cardserver on the PC
3. Settings: Add Reader, set IP (for server and client on
the same PC).

4. Start CardServer again.
5. Insert Premiere-Smartcard again and check CardServer-window.
6. Starting of HSIC: set server-ip (= tcp-port and com-port

7. Reset embedded HUMAX-CAM (0-RCL)

EMU (Pure EMU Mode):

This mode is not yet implemented. With this mode it will be possible
in the future to activate the EMU without any card being inserted.


In the PMC table, the CAS-systems which the EMU shall service under
EMU-K, EMU-S und EMU may be entered. As of now, don't modify.

Best wishes to you from the HoT team, and have a lot of Fun.



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For which Humax model/models is this?



For a patchable Humax 5400 IRCI (i.e. with loader 2.08) ;)

But it won't last long bcs according to the latest news, D+ on Astra1
will switch to the infamous hash table 9x, following the example of
$ky Italia :(


BIOs said:
where can i insert the Smartcard
it is in humax or smart mouse or phonix or like this ?
From the context I guess, it must be an ISO 7816 compatible cardrearder
(e.g. SmartMouse) connected with the PC.


when i insert the irdeto samrtcard then type under card type unsuported

what can i do

im useing multi programer 2001 xl



BIOs said:
when i insert the irdeto samrtcard then type under card type unsuported

what can i do

im useing multi programer 2001 xl

1st Premiere isn't and has never been 100% identical to original Irdeto(1).
Different ca-ids 17xx vs. 060x, therefore the Humi-patch was necessary even
for old Premiere cards.
I am no more expert, bcs I have tradet my Humi for a Dreambox.
I have my Humi still in some corner ;)
but as far as I remember, one common mistake is, that Irdeto like
Systems use a frequency of 6.00 mhz rather than 3.57 as most others
do, so you have to change the settings of the Multiprog.
I never applied the last S2 patch to my Humi so I am no more expert.