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New Indian broadcast code announced


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The new content code draft for television, FM radio and community radio in India imposes many restrictions on depicting themes like crime, horror and occult, reports Hindustan Times. It also prohibits criticism of friendly countries, insulting the Indian Constitution or breaking local laws, adverse comment against the judicial process and aspersions on the integrity of the President or the judiciary.

Malicious distortion or demeaning the physical attributes or personal traits of a national leader or a state dignitary is also banned. “In a sense, jokes on national leaders will not be allowed on television,” a TV channel representative said.

The code also explains in detail, for the first time, s_x, obscenity and nudity. Total nudity, kissing and sexual acts are banned. Semi-nudity can be shown during the adult television hours between 11pm and 4am.

For the first time, the viewer has a three-tier forum to complain against the broadcaster. The first is a committee of self-regulation, called content auditor, to be set up by each broadcasting service provider. There is a Consumer Complaint Committee at the industry segment level associations. This is followed by the independent regulator, appointed by the government.

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry has circulated the draft among the industry. A discussion on it was slated for Thursday, but it has been postponed at the industry’s request. Information and Broadcasting Minister PR Dasmunsi will discuss the code with industry representatives on 8 June. The new code will eventually be part of the Broadcast Regulation law.

(Source: Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union via Media Network)

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All this hue and cry about removing the draconian policies and the new broadcast code is more restrictive than before, brilliant.
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All news channels are requested to follow the broadcasting pattern of DD News. ie. Each hour of news broadcast should contain at least:-

* 10 minutes of Sonia Gandhis footage.
* 10 minutes of Rahul Gandhis footage.
* 10 minutes of Communists footage.
* 3 minutes of Manmohans manly voice.
* 7 minutes of praises for muslims.

Rest of the time can be devoted to BJP/Mulayam/Opposition bashing.
If some time is still left then you are free to show some International , business and sports news.

P R Dasmunshi
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