New Omina Card Coming Soon.



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Not very much info on the card but it seems that some of the newer Viaccess encryptions have been broken. (PC2.5 & PC2.6)?

Rumour mill has it that Diablo (DuoLabs) wanted to get this hack on their new Diablo 2 Card but did not bid high enough and the deal fell through. (although from looking Diablo 2 Ipnosys001 file seems to also open viaccess 2.5 & Biss)

The team behind the hack (looks to be MoreSat Team of the Abracadabra card) when the deal fell through went the to the route of getting a card made.

There are said to be 2 versions of the card.

Basic and Everything. - The card is also said to be working with CCcam with ECM's better than original cards. (Thanks to NileSat of SatUniverse for the Image)

Soon New Card coming Callied:- "Diabolina Card" or Omnia Card.

This Card will have more channels the Diablo2 and will be HALF prices.

Diabolina *Omnia Card ( Version Premium ):

13.0°E Hot Bird 6/9 - MCT (Satisfaction) Adult
13.0°E Hot Bird 6/9 - BIS
13.0°E Hot Bird 6/9 - ART Arabesque
13.0°E Hot Bird 6/9 - Al Jazeera Sport Channel
7.0°W Nilesat 101 - Al Jazeera Sport Channel

Omnia Card Plus ( Version full ):

138.0°E Telstar 18 - D-Sky Net (Taiwan/China)
36.0°E Eutelsat W4 - NTV +Plus
19.2°E Astra 1H/1L - Can***** France
19.2°E Hot Bird 6/9 - TNTSat
13.0°E Hot Bird 6/9 - MCT (Satisfaction) Adult
13.0°E Hot Bird 6/9 - FreeXTv Adult
13.0°E Hot Bird 6/9 - SexView Adult
13.0°E Hot Bird 6/9 - Club Prive
13.0°E Hot Bird 6/9 - SRG Swiss
13.0°E Hot Bird 6/9 - BIS
13.0°E Hot Bird 6/9 - ART Arabesque
13.0°E Hot Bird 6/9 - Al Jazeera

New Version coming Calling : ( Optional Packages )
YouSee (DVB-T Denmark)
13.0°E Hot Bird 6/9 - Orange Polska (DVB-S on 13°)
138.0°E Telstar - I-Sky-Net
146.0°E Agila 2 - Sky-Net
From what I can see on Lyngsat it would seem that virtually all of the chans using viaccess 2.5 are also broadcast in viaccess 3.0 so I wouln't expect this hack to last for too long. (maybe a card swap in progress?).

Interesting times may lay ahead.
Bring on the Soft-Cam versions I say :-)


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As rumours said, this card was announced, but never released, since hack in it was purchased by duolabs for their diablo2 module. You can buy diablo2 module, and currently it opens SRG Swiss (Via 2.6), SCT (Via 2.6), BIS TV (Via 3.0) packages.