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new programmes for hi def tv?

My Satellite Setup
Pace 2200 Sky digibox with ftv card, Comag SL65 FTA sat receiver, 40cm Sky minidish, Setpal terrestrial receiver (for free uk tv only!).
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When widescreen cinema started, film directors hated it. Billy Wilder famously said - something like - "how the heck do you fill up all that extra space"? (more similar quotes and details in Halliwell's film guides).

Maybe similar problems with hi def tv? If so, here's some programme suggestions:

Doctors Who (next regeneration, the Doctor "splits" into 15 different people ...).

Coronation Street/Road/Avenue/Close/Mews ......


Big Britain.

Huge Brother.

The Crackers Bill (has more people, due to police forces merging).

Last of the summer Wine Lake (EU financed).

Multi-Tennis (11 players each side of net, to compete with football, and more balls of course ..... ).