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I have got a Star Sat P95 with Positioner (Dis1.2)(Read about it in What Sat). A new Rec from Korea. I had a Cypra+ which was crap. Now I want to install this receiver with motorised dish, I need some help.
1) I want to fix max 80 cm dish as this has to go on a Chimney. Mesh Dish will be OK or I must Triax Solid Dish?
2) Which Polar Mount and Motor will you recommend and from where?
3) I have a Aston Cam but No card. Which is the best programmer and to make my own card or buy a P’te Card through internet.
4) Will I be able to watch some sports channel and some asian channels at 68.5*E with Aston cam and card. If not then which cam do I need.
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First, have a good browse through this board. You'll actually find answers to most of your questions.

Very briefly:

whether or not a dish of a particular size is good wnough depends on what you want to receive and where you are located. Since you don't say either, it's impossible to answer the question. Where I live (Holland) for example, an 80cm dish is sufficient for almost all European sats. But from most of the UK you would need a bigger dish for several (eg the Scandanavian ones, especially Sirius).
And a mesh dish always has a slightly lower gain than a solid dish (say, between 10 and 20% less).

Re. polar-mount/motor, for an 80cm dish a Jager99 SilentGold would be perfectly adequate and quite cheap. It's a good motor but check the dish you match it with because it interferes with some. Otherwise go for a slightly bigger Jaeger (also gives you more security against high winds).

I'd never recommend buying pirate cards through the internet (or any other route for that matter). First, why line the pockets of the international criminal organisations that sell/source them? Secondly it's more satisfying and a lot cheaper to program your own...

Why are you interested in 68.5e particularly? It's very low on the horizon from Europe (I assume that's where you are located) and there are plenty of sports and asian channels on other satellites.
You must be more specific about what you want to weatch before we can advise you on what you need.
But note: there are no Mediaguard-encrypted channels on that sat anyway, so your Aston CAM would not be suitable. They are mainly encrypted under the "Irdeto" system, and the majority are in C-band to boot (so you'd need a C-band LNBF, a prime-focus dish, and a receiver capable of accessing the lower C-band frequencies...)



Many Thanks for all the info.
I live in Uk (South london). After going through many topics in yr forum I have decided to go for Triax 88cm Dish with Cryptic motor and an additional cam (Irdeto). The reason I wanted to see PAS 4/7 because of B4u and Sony.
Is it possible to get ESPN in UK. Is it encrypted and is there a code available.
Also I am taking yr advise and ordering an FX programmer from MKing.
Sunny (upl)