New technology marries satellite unicast/multicast



Internet via satellite provider Europe Online has unveiled a client application that brings together the unicast/multicast experience for the end-user. Such integration simultaneously ensures optimised bandwidth satellite utilisation for satellite Internet operators and consumers alike, claims the company.

When installed on the user PC, the integrated unicast/multicast client automatically detects and delivers any requested file over 5 MB, i.e., MP3s, films, software, games, etc., to the user's desktop via satellite at 2 Mbps with Forward Error Correction in multi-cast fashion. Europe Online suggests that this makes efficient use of bandwidth for the operator and brings high-speed 2Mbps channels to the user.

"It is well known that the satellite functions best in the broadcast or multicast mode," said Candace Johnson, President of Europe Online Investments. "The challenge for all pioneers in the High-Speed Satellite via Internet field has been to capture this advantage, which is essentially a broadcast mode and adapt it to individual or small group requests."