New to the site and needing guidance!



Popping thru for the first time. Very pleased to find a spot on the web with folks that share the same enthusiasm in fta. I’ll cut thru the cr@p now and get down to what led me here!

I am looking to acquire a system with decent/frequent software support although minimal subsequent hardware add-ons are fine. Have looked into high end boxes from Aston, Humax, Dre@mbox, Topfield, Nokia and Neotion and kinda got lost in the maze of bells and whistles. So I decided to run my luck by putting the word out on my plans and listen to what people with experience will tell me... The system I have in mind will be used to exploit any english and/or french programming from somewhere right in the smack of the sandy and empty desert in North Africa. One personal revelation, I am kinda lazy at keeping up with channel and transponder data and therefore will favor anything with blind scanning.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!