New to this..want to go motorised is possible



hi all,
just found this site, :) wow!, loads of info and help!

Can you help me..I am COMPLETELY new to this, we have SKY at home and i have scanned this site for some info butwould like to know the following :-

motorised systems- are they expensive to buy/fit
Channels - how many can i expect to get?
cards - do i need to purchase different viewing cards?
Price - i have a budget of about £500 for everything, is that enough?
worth it - well, are they worth it? what i'm hoping to view are overseas sport, news, adult etc....

thanks a lot guys

Channel Hopper

Channel Hopper

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For £500 expect about 1000 channels, both TV and radio.
The bigger the dish, the more channels

Location of the dish is important for the maximum satellite coverage
Yes you will get adult/news/sports etc

Check with the neighbours first on the second dish


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Hi scruffy. Welcome to the forum.
You do not say where you live but taking it you are somewhere north of the equator all the satellite's are on an arc from about 70deg East to 70deg West when you are looking south. You should not expect to be able to see all of them, but if you have a clear line of sight from from say 40E to 40W you will have more than you require.
As channel hopper says the bigger the dish the better for reception, but remember you can mount the dish on the house or a pole in the back garden. It is not to difficult to do the instalation yourself, if you search the forum you will find lots of threads on this subject, and if you have problems help will be given by the members.
The reciver you purchase is up to you a lot of reading is required to see what you think is the best one for your own requirments, if like most members you purchase a reciver with a CI slot a modern cam with the correct software will open a good number of encrypted channels. You can purchase card for most of the adult channels and other providers but they tend to be expensive in the UK so most members tend to go for a cam and software. If you treat it as a hoby so when the provider puts out an ECM to change the keys or even the encryption they are using you have a black screen for a short time then there is no problem. There are a lot of FTA channels with news ect: out there so you can alwase find something to interest you.