Newbie.. need advice

I have recently aquired my own minidish and digibox an Amstrad DRX100.

installed it all and have requested to sky for a viewing card.

I already have a subscription for an overseas relative on the full package and sky offered my an additional subscription for £10 / month.

I mentioned that I dont have a phone line.. will I still be able to get the subscription going ???

Also.. Obviously I have been able to see the FTA channels but what else can I do ??

Included with the digibox was an old sky card. Can I do anything with them ?
can they be reprogrammed or something ?

If anyone can shed any light into any of this then please let me know.



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Without a phone connection you won’t get the mirror £10/month sub.

I doubt Sky would even set it up for you if you tell them you don’t have a phone, even if you tell them you have a phone just to get the subscription then once they don’t get calls from the boxes they will (eventually) send you letters and charge the full price for both subs.

What does the card that came with the box look like? Does it have a yellow house on it? If you put it in the box can you get ITV?

If it has a yellow house (and you get ITV) then you could sell it to someone overseas so that they can get FTV channels. eBay is a popular place for this.

You cannot reprogram/erase/edit the Sky cards in any useful way.

Thanks for the reply.

1. Sky already know that I dont have a telephone line for the 1st subscription.
This is paid nearly up to a year already without a hitch.
2. I did mention that the additional subscription would not be connected.
The forms I had to fill in had no phone number on.
The paperwork was the same as the original subscription which we activated via a mobile.

I say this a I mentioned that I only wanted the 19.50 additional package.

The other subscription doesn't phone up.. so why should it now want to.
I didn't do all the running with sky they suggested this to me !
The sky card is simply one that has a swirl over a blue sky background.
It doesn't seem to get ITV but I will test again.
If it doesn't work is it just worth throwing away.



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The reason Sky want the phone connection is to stop people getting a cheap subscription deal on a second card and box then giving it to another user.

They require you to prove that both boxes are at the same address (phone number).

If they allow you to do this please let me know, it may be useful.