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Newbie question: C*nax hacked?

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Hello all!

I have been lurking around in these really good forums, and this is indeed the best satellite forum ive found :)

However, i got me self a digital satellite system for a week ago (TeknoSat + Canal Digital Dish and universal lnb)

My receiver is not authorized by Canal Digital, so i have been looking around to see if c*nax has been hacked or not. This sound more simple than it is i guess hehe..

I have read that many of you guys says that c*nax has NOT been broken, but here in the same forum, people are talking about opening cards, and theres alot of websites where c*nax hex files are available for download?

I hope some of you great guys can clarify all this for me :)

Best regards
Kaare Mai

Burnham Beech

Specialist Contributor
Nordic conax was hacked up until 25 Jan 2005. Then a new key was introduced which no one knows.

There were four Norway channels which used an old key for another month, but even these have gone now.


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The C*nax encryption system itself is still quite secure. AFAIK, the current incarnation has never been 'hacked' but master keys have been leaked and ripped from old-style official cards. Those dodgy cards have now been replaced (why they didn't do it earlier I don't understand), and the source of the leaked keys has been plugged, so we're just waiting for the next breach of security (whatever that happens to be). :)