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newbie questions

My Satellite Setup
sony vaio
i want to get a sat set up but dont want to pay sky as there are many good free services out there. anyway, i have a few questions.

I was thinking of getting a panasonic Tu-DSB30/31 with a motorised satellite.
Will this box work with other satellites other than the astra/sky as i want to pick up german stations on other satellites?

Also, im in ireland. I know i can recieve the free channels (bbc ect) without a card but i was looking on ebay and there are 'freetoair' - 'yellow house' sky cards for sale that they say will let me watch itv1 ch4 for free also. is this correct?



Dumb Satellite Babe
My Satellite Setup
Technomate 5500CIP
Force 1145S
Pace 2600
SS2 pci & USB
Channel master 1.8m
1.2m & HH motor
AMD 64 bit, Linux & Windows XP2
My Location
Ibiza, Spain
Dont bother with a sky digibox if you want to see channels on other satellites, it doesn't support diseqc motors. Get a FTA box, a Cam, a Cas2 interface.
If you want to see ITV and CH4 then you will need a Sky digibox and viewing card, BBC can be viewed on any FTA box.