Newbie requires advice on equipment to buy



I must apologise before I start if this is in the wrong Forum or asking questions that have been asked a thousand times before, but I just find the amount of information available nowadays, quite bewildering and I just won't live long enough chasing round the various FAQs etc.

A few years ago I used to watch Sky, Film Net, TV1000 etc., using analogue satellite on Astra 19.2E with a Season card and 386 PC decoding. I,ve had a Nokia DVB 9500S for some time that I've used to watch FTA programmes on 19.2E using a 60cm dish. I would now like to spread my wings as they say, and get mature content/adult of any variety and decent films in English language.

Is it possible to use the Nokia or is it too old, I'd heard that they can be reprogged to do other CAMS than the hard installed IRDETO.

If I need to buy another receiver, preferably 2nd hand on E-Bay, and upgrade my dish and point it at other satellites perhaps using a positioner of some sort, what RX should I buy for the best hackebility, and what CAMS are needed and what satellites would give me the required progs? Can Season cards still be used with modern (2.5GHz) PCs?

I have a reasonable South facing view of the sky for the dish, I would like to keep the size down as its a wall mount job, but what size can I get away with ( Midlands Stoke-on-trent area).

Are DVB cards for PC operation any good, would anyone recommend going that way in preference to standard RX box?

Finally can anyone point to reasonable documents explaining without too much technical depth what is happening in the world of Satellite TV and what is possible to receive and methods?


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