Newbie setup look good to you guys?



Hey guys, had a look round your forums, very impressed with the help you give each other and the warm welcom you give newbies like me!

I have recently got a taste for "non-sky" satellite systems after seeing my friends motorised setup, and i was very impressed, so i decided why not get my own! here is what i had in mind:

Fortec Star CI 5100 Plus
80cm Solid Dish + Wall Mount
Samsung Digital LNB 0.6 dB,
Moteck H to H DiseqC 1.2 Motor
Matrix Reloaded CAM

what do you's think? is it any good? any major problems with it that stand out like a sore thumb? also i would just like to clarify what these "CAM" things do with the funcards? do i need one? if not what are the advantages of having them?

also my last question is will i be able to set this up my self? with a satellite compas? (i am a competant DIY'er) or will i need a pro to install it, if so how much? feel free to PM me, thanks for your help and time, Pscl227


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To start with the easy question: Yes you should be able to set it up yourself with a lot of spare time, some patience, maybe some hlep from the forum here and a supporting wife :)

CAM: A CAM is used to decrypt a peticular encryption, nowadays you have also cam's (like the Matrix reloaded) that can emulate a number of different "Real CAM's". This cam's can be in a seperate module or embedded in the receiver. Depending on the software in the CAM (firmware) it can have more or less capabilities. The funcard is used for "emulating" one or more official provider cards (you have more then only funcards, each with their own files and purpose) or to change the firmware in your CAM.

Now the most difficult question, what setup to buy.
If you are:
- Using this not only as a family receiver
- Want to use this for hobby purpose and don't mind if it will be out of order for 1 or 2 days (due to experimenting)
- Are not "afraid" of computers or linux (you don't need to know linux)

THEN you can also consider a dreambox (you would not even need a CAM, cards or programmer)

1 thing missing in your original config: No cards or card-programmer there.