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The Skipper

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Hi (whoever),

New to the forum but not new to sat.
I was 'active' in the S*Y analog days when Clanzer, Max King, Lyngsat and Loveley Jubbly ruled. (some still around its nice to see) :)
Got all the programmers, Season, Phoenix, Smartmouse, pic84 cards etc.. (In a box at the mo awaiting 2nd wind!)

Had a real crack in them days with a modest motorised system and BDE D2mac set-up. many late nights and square eyes :)

Getting a bit bored with S*Y D*G*T*L now and their price hikes and so want again to venture into the beyond.

Came across this site/forum, looks cool and so registered with the hope of gleaning some info from you experts out there before I buy a system with my hard earned, and hopefully contibuting as well.

Lurking as I have done its easy to spot the flamers and the good guys, nothing changes in that respect :(

Needless to say in a few months time I will be in the market for a motorised system with 80 cm dish max (I wish more but it really is max) :(
So will need good advice on top notch gear. I am a firm believer of 'you get what you pay for' usuallyy he he

Anyway, thats enouigh for now before I bore the pants of the lot of ya if not already!

Cheers, The Skipper


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Welcome The Skipper, always good to see a returnee to the hobby.:)

Quite a bit going on at the moment which I'm sure will be of interest, particularly with regard to programming equipment and interfaces.

There really are some good receivers and motors out there as well, so you will probably be spoiled for choice.


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Hi miloud4u

I removed your email address from your above post as it's not a good idea to publish it in an open forum. Members can PM you if they want or email you via your pofile.