News Release



16 May 2003
At their meeting yesterday (Thursday, May 15, 2003), Members of the Independent Television Commission welcomed confirmation from the BBC and BSkyB that they had agreed to maintain the "status quo" pending the ITC's enquiry into the BBC's complaint against BSkyB in relation to aspects of its EPG listing and conditional access service.

The current agreements between the BBC and Sky were due to expire at the end of May. So, with viewers' interests in mind and in anticipation of a detailed and diligent investigation of the issues involved, the Commission had asked both parties for an assurance that no action would be taken which would prejudice the outcome of its investigation.

ITC Chairman, Sir Robin Biggam, said: 'We are pleased that the BBC and Sky have agreed to extend the current delivery arrangements which should mean there will be no disruption to viewers services while the Commission seeks a solution.