Nexus-S, TwinHan and PCTV Sat-CI


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Hi all

I was just going through a few product descriptions admittedly for DVB-T but realised the the DVB-S cards Nexus-S, TwinHan and PCTV Sat-CI all had 2 satelite/screw-on type connection things. With the Nexus-S, this is at the front of the card where the metal reciever casing is but with the TwinHan and PCTV Sat-CI this case is at the rear of the cards (presumably b'cos of the onboard CI) and connected to the front by a removable cable. However only one of the points is linked to the front by this cable the second is just left open.

I was therefore just wondering what exactly these second points are what they do. I've checked the back of my sky digi box and only one point exists.