no luck so far



just got my Humax 5400 patched .H 2.08 and started to use my Millenium plus proggrammer on green goldcards.
have stored sirius channels on 5 east but no luck open them..others than "free to air"

Used hex like viagold and baracuda ...programming the eeprom first and then the pic.file. programmer says OK.

What am I doing wrong...I have read so many FAQ now so I need some help from you guys.


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[updated:LAST EDITED ON 08-Jan-02 AT 10:16 PM (GMT)]Hello Polaris, not using Viacces myself I am not aware of what packages the different hex files cater for, are you sure that the files you have loaded are designed for the Ticket channels? If you are saying that you now have a FreeCam, not all files work with it and there are some files that are designed specifically for the Humax.



Thanks Rolfw...I forgot to mention that my reciver give
"code 1722 scrambled" somethimes code 0602 blipps before 1722.

By the way... where are some codecharts for the Humax to get hold of. Its not in the book!

Im going to buy an Elvis programmer and Fun cards and go that way instead.
What dou you guys say? is that the way to go or is the 3-1 4 and 5-1 to difficullt to handle for a relativly Newbi.

(Ibeen proggramming analog for some years)


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You'll need to use files such as "Irvito" or "ViaHumax" to see Viaccess channels on a patched 5400. They are not too hard to find on the web. If, though, you want to see Nagravision channels, or get Seca/Viaccess/Irdeto on one card, then you'll have to move on to Funcards or Silver cards, I believe.


Well all three types of Gold, Silver, and Purple (Funcard wafer) can do that job fine.

His problem could be simple keys, but then as a supplier I cannot help in this area.

There should be no need to use more than his Gold card, when it could be a question of just finding the right firmware. I don't know about the Humax 5400 (having an Echostar AD3000IP VA myself), but some receivers cannot work if the card has too many providers (8 maximum I seem to recall).

And so make sure you try other services before Vias*t.