No Signal on PACE - After 2 weeks not pointing at 28deg



I have a Pace DIGI BOX - its IF looped through a Strong 4375 Multisat System with a 1.2 M Dish - I went on holiday & left the DISH pointing a 30 DEG W - HIPSAT. Now when I move the Dish back to 28 DEG for SKY the DIGI BOX wont reactivate ?

NO SIGNAL - I know there is a signal !!!!!!!!!!

Any Ideas

Does a Digi Box always need to be facing 28 DEG

I know the signals good from 28 deg because my Strong gets all the FTA channels - TCM etc with 100% DATA - 75% SIGNAL I have a signal meter built into the strong.

Any Ideas to get SKY BACK ??????????

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A simple test that you can try is to re connect the lnb directly to the Digibox just to ensure that the loop through is not causing a problem. ( providing that you ahve a universal lN:cool:

Some times there can be problems when the digibox does not
" see" a signal for several weeks.

Also have tried recently disconnecting the digibox reciever from the mains? this normally helps reset.


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In fact Sky 'ping' the digiboxes once a month and expect a signal back. One effect this can have is to stop the auto ordering of PPV movies. You could give them a call and ask for a manual 'ping'. One way of forcing the signal to 'look at' your box is as follows

1. Turn it off completely
2. Remove the sky card and re-insert it upside down
3. Turn the box back on and then if/and when requested for the card, insert it the right way up.

Might work, otherwise call them as I said above.


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Sounds like the old problem, digiboxes do not like being off satellite and will invariably need a mains disconnection reset before locking on again.