Nokia 9800 loses saved channels --suddenly



I ve had a NOKIA 9800s for a couple of weeks and it's been working fine. However today I needed to unplug up and when I re-plugged in the power and turned on I found it had lost all of the saved channels.

A message came up
'there are no channels available make a new channel search to find new channels'.
this 'warning' alternates with another one which says ' No (or bad) signal.

I have done a channel search and reset all the channels on the 2 satellites i use, and after that I can watch the channels I want - until I power down. Then everything's gone again. Is this a faulty box ?

Any thoughts welcome

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How many channels are alreasy in the unit

Older Nokias suffer from this when 200+ are loaded into the box


in short, there's about 1200. but the way the box has beahved is strange.

After I reconnected the power to it, it had lost everything. i then did a channel search the initial installation. it found the channels but then would n t save them. this happened several times and then fortunately it saved. it seems ok now but i m not going to plug the plug out just in case.!!!