Nokia 9800s Stress


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You would think that in this day and age a big company like Nokia would be able to produce a digital satellite receiver which wasn't full of software bugs, but this seems not to be the case. Even with the latest Firmware (MA1.31) the MM9800s is very temperamental. The DiSEqC 1.2 with a motorised dish is a total nightmare to set up, again due to their totally crap software. Even their channel editing software doesn't seem to work.
Some Nokia boxes can have their Firmware replaced with the DVB2000 but unfortunately not the 9800s. Is there any other firmware that might work better ?
Do all receivers suffer from buggy firmware .ie Humax, X-sat.
When you pay £200-500 for a receiver you expect to have a top notch product that works well. It's sure that I won't buy another Nokia.

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