Nokia unveils three new handsets

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Jun 26, 2007
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Nokia has unveiled three handsets that they promise “merge modern functionality with classic and sophisticated looks.”
The Nokia 6600 Fold, the Nokia 6600 Slide and the Nokia 3600 Slide are aimed at the more minimalist taste, as the Finnish phone-maker targets the growing trend for handsets as fashion statements.
"There is a strong consumer demand for mobile handsets that blend elegant looks with modern features," said Nokia’s Mikkel Drucker.
"Each of the three devices introduced today offers a slightly different take on a core design language. We believe they are both beautiful to use and beautiful to behold - and offer a range of choice."
OLED screen
The Nokia 6600 fold phone boasts an OLED screen and a second screen that ‘wakes up’ with a double tap to the surface; the same two touches can silence or reject calls and kill that early morning alarm.
The Nokia 6600 Slide also uses the double tap control but its 3.2MP camera is significantly better than the 2MP of its folding brother. *
The cheaper Nokia 3600 Slide has the 3.2 MP camera and boasts background noice-cancellation, whilst GPS is available on all three but only with a Bluetooth GPS module that needs to be bought separately.
The Nokia 6600 fold, before tax and subsidies, has an RRP of around £215, the Nokia 6600 slide around £200 and the Nokia 3600 slide should set you back around £140.