Noob : Digital/Analogue LNB ?

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Mother-in-law had an analogue system for Greek speaking stations but all the channels gradually stopped broadcasting (assume gone to digital) .... only thing we can pick up now is some French radio (i think!).

She has 1m (approx) dish and two LNB going into a box on back of dish which then has one coaxial cable output into the STB.

Anyway i`m thinking that i`ll take my Sky box around there and plug it in (Dish "looks" like it points in same direction as Sky mini-dish next door) and be able to watch the extra channels.

Are there any differences between analogue lnb and digital lnb ?

Should a straight swap of STB work ?


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As far as I know, the Greek channels are on 39E Hellas Sat and 13E Hotbird, there would appear to be more in the clear on Hellas Sat.

Your old LNB may be suitable for digital transmissions (must be a universal and will probably say on it), but the Sky digibox would not be ideal, particularly if you want to view two satellites. Digital receivers are pretty cheap at the moment anyway.