Number 23 could also be called the Number 32!



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I always thought Jim Carey should try his hand at serious acting. He's been doing this a lot.

In the Number 23 (2007), he plays a 40-something bloke whose wife gives him a book for his birthday.

Reading it he discovers the main character is very much like him, so much of the character's life mirrors Carey's.

Reading on further, Carey becomes obsessed with the number 23. "Everything adds up to 23, " he says. "I was born on March 2nd; 2 and 23...

Err, bad maths. :D

"20 years ago, I was 23". Err, yes. And? :D

"I married when I was 32...that's 23 backwards." :D Silly billy. :D:-rofl2 He keeps refering to the number 32 being backwards of 23, the movie should be called the number 32.

This is supposed to be a horror film. It's as daft as a brush and very boring. Avoid it. ;)