Nvidia subtly slides out 9600 GSO deets

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Jun 26, 2007
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Offering none of the usual buzz surrounding its announcements, Nvidia has subly outed a new low-end card by just posting the details on its website. The GeForce 9600 GSO has been rumoured for a little while, and its stats reveal its lowly position at the base of the series underneath the 9600 GT.
So what have we got then? 384MB of onboard memory on a 192-bit bus, for starters. The GPU is clocked at 550MHz, the memory at 800MHz and the 96 shaders at 1375MHz. Because of those stats it looks like the card is based on the same wound-down G92 chip as the 8800 GS.
The GS sufflix may well have been replaced by GSO to make things seem, ahem, a little simpler. After all, GT and GS are quite similar yes?
Mind you, the cheapo pixel cruncher hardly skimps; there’s still SLI capability as well as support for PCI Express 2.0, Nvidia’s PureVideo HD for Blu-ray playback and DirectX 10. Not bad in a card that will sell for around the £100 mark.
The GSO will go head to head with the forthcoming Radeon HD 3830 low-end series from ATI. It looks like it will be on shelves in a couple of weeks – keep ‘em peeled.