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Wor lass,s car has just been to get an exhaust fitted from the dealer she bought it from(peugot 206,new when bought 2 1/2 yrs ago).
She went back to the main dealer for Peugot she got it from. She was advised to go there by another garage that she originally went to because the listed exhaust they had in their books was different to hers.
Whilst the car was in the main dealers she asked them to check the brakes.
When she phoned to see if it was ready to pick up the guy told her that the brakes needed sorting, they were dangerously low and needed imediate attention.
177.40 quid for pads and disks front.
Having worked on cars in the past, I told her i would sort them for her to save a few quid.
When she picked the car up the guy was really concerned about the brakes and put in the invoice that she was warned about them but declined to have the work carried out.
He said that they were dangerously low and had to be done, also one of the drums at the back was seized on and this would cost 60 quid to clean and sort out. The side they managed to get off was low and needed sorting aswell at extra cost.
After shitting herself all the way home, i went to look at the car and there was still 3/4 of wear left on the front pads(I only replaced them six months ago)and the disks were ok.
when i checked the back the drums both came off without a problem and the calipers were still nearly brand new, however there was alot of damage on one of the calipers(the compound was hacked to bits), which was obviously caused by some sort of lever used to get the drums off, only they have serviced the car so it has to be them who caused the damage!
This is really serriously p***ing me off!
Not only because they tried to rip us off, But because of all the other people they rip off who dont know any better.
My point is people!, dont be taken in by garages who will tell you anything to take away your well earned.
Id like to take this further to stop other people being ripped off by garages like pRrichard sHardy or ones who sound like that if there is any, but what can I do???



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Unfortunately dr.gonzo, that sort of rip off is probably more common than people think, they will also try it on with female customers when they perhaps wouldn't with a male.

I can fully understand why you are annoyed and you should possibly be looking at contacting trading standards, or even better the rogue traders programme.

PS. Nothing is really off topic in this section, well within reason anyway. :)


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elliots butchers
do the british thing, vote with your feet and tell everyboy you know not to use them.

if he wrote on the invoice that they were in dangerous condition then you could go back and challenge him??