'Offensive' condom poster must be removed



The advertising watchdog has ordered a billboard poster for a brand of condom to be removed after ruling it was likely to cause "serious or widespread offence."

The offending Durex poster features a number of condoms inflated to create the words "roger more."

The advert was intended to promote the brand's Performa condom which contains a small amount of cream that is claimed to delay a man's climax. The bottom of the poster included the slogan "Made to make you last longer."

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) began an investigation after receiving four complaints from members of the public.

SSL International, makers of Durex, told the ASA the term "to roger" was an "antiquated and comic reference to s_x." They added that the poster was "intended to promote safe s_x and enjoyment."

The company said it had approached the advertising industry body tasked with giving companies advice on campaigns - the Committee of Advertising Practice.

It did not recommend scrapping the poster but warned there might be complaints, the company said.

The ASA dismissed the suggestion the poster was sexist but thought wording was "likely to cause serious or widespread offence" if used on a poster.

The watchdog rejected a second complaint which said the poster was irresponsible and encouraged people to indulge in casual s_x.

John Flaherty, Durex marketing controller, said: "Whilst we will fully comply with the ASA ruling, we have never believed that advertisements are in any way offensive and we are perplexed by the decision. Any outdoor condom advertising will generate some opposition from the minority who believe that condoms should not be advertised."


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