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i have located a few Days ago a pace prd800 plus sat receiver decoder, so I tryed to install it on astra to which I have my own FTA receiver on
But I have hit problems no surprise there!!!!
When I go to install settings it tells me

1. Power off receiver to be connected
2. Connect a scart lead between the decoder scart on each receiver

Then press store to continue
Well all I have done is I have connected a scart lead from receiver to TV
So then I press store to continue and after 20secs its says error
This is quiet an old system I am told early mid 90s I was just wanted to see if it worked but it doesn’t seem to,
Should this receiver even pick up my satellite???? And would this receiver work in today’s world of digital
Any ways if there any1 wants to let me know I will be waiting


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That was one of the early Pace analogue boxes and there probably aren't many still running, I must have replaced loads of them with newer MSS models when the power supplies went pop. If you are aligned to Astra 28.2, then it won't pick up anything, even if it does work. :) Tech info on receiver


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Behind pin 9 on an atmel
I have one of those in the kitchen..

Mine is faulty lol so i cant test it.. for you.. mine boots up and shows channels etc.. but it wont search for channels i can go to the setup menu but when i hit setup it freezes the box and it needs to be unplugged.. unfortunatly, ive not got any room in my wheely bin to fit them in as i threw 4 DTV C boxes away :)