One SS2 card with two motors


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Now here is another one of my complicated questions:

Can i turn 2 motors with one card?

The reason for it is that my house is surrounded by trees. I have looked at it many times trying to find a position for a dish that will give me 30 west to 42 east, but it is not possible. In any setup there will be either a tree, a house or both in the way. I would have to chop off quite a few trees, and I am not sure this is the right thing to do.

But if I had two dishes set up (not too far from each other) and both would turn to the same sat, one of them would get the signal (depending if it is the west or east dish).

If I set it up like this: The cable from the SS2 card would go to the first motor, but then instead of continuing to the LNB it would go to the second motor, and then to the 2cd LNB. The first LNB would have a cable going directly to a switch, if I cant get the signal on one dish I flick the switch and try the other.

What are the chances that it will fry the card? Or is there a better way of having this?

Also, if I had two dishes pointing to the same sat, is there a way of combining the signals and so to emulate a larger dish?


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I'd scrap that idea T_G, it won't work and will probably fry the card as well. :)

You could use an A+B switch and run one motor on Prog DVB and the other on MyTheatre perhaps, that would prevent any confusion with the software.