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Operating systemwith PC Cards ?

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Does anyone know if PC cards such as the Skystar / Skystar 2, will operate in a PC running Win NT4 or Win 2000 ?

Ive looked almost everywhere for advice, nobody seems to know



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Box for my Skystar 2 TV PCI (think it's PCB Rev2.6 something) says nothing about NT4 (and my guess would be NOT too...) but says it's supported under Windows 2000 (SP3).


I run Win2000 pro and it is THE only OS for me. And maybe NT4 would run too ,it all depends on drivers and what they(need) like. it dont cost anything to experiment if you already have NT4 but if buying ,get Win2000. I use a Nexus-s 16 hours a day on Win2000 (NT5.1) and it never misses a lick. WinXP is crap,it likes to call home to bill all the time ! SS-1 is same as Nexus-S and SS-2 is same as NOVA card.The "twoer" cards dont have hardware mode or video/audio out on back which is really nice to have to run to a modulator and splitters and have tv everywhere ! the Nexus remote is working fine with ProgDVB now.
The Nexus-S in hardware video mode dont seem to care about how big your computer is either. I run many many programs at the same time as the DVB software and have zero problems with conflicts. With a Athlon 1100 box.