OTA digibox firmware extraction


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Jan 1, 1999
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Many of you will know this site: http://www.nds.host.sk/

There have recently appeared some interesting files there that purport to enable Sky firmware to be extracted from the Over-The-Air stream, presumably using the logger that is also described in files at the same site.

Strikes me that getting hold of firmware is an interesting develoment in itself. It may reveal things about the box that we don't otherwise know.

See also my other thread on the changing of serial number. That describes a different way of extracting AND writing the firmware.

Perhaps using such techniques we can start to develop patches. I have a list as long as your arm on shortcomings I'd dearly love to see corrected, starting with that absurd limit of 20 favourites. Or maybe allowing the user to sequence the channels as s/he sees fit (something we take for granted on every other receiving device). Maybe we'll one day have 6-in-1 cards that work in the digobox's CAM slot. Or maybe we can activate the rear CI slot and use the thing in its originally intended uncrippled state.

Anyone played with this digibox logging and OTA firmware extraction?